2016: while I was not here.

This was a series of Cinemagraphs that i prepared as part of a photography exhibition. I was thinking about how much time i spend sometimes daydreaming on how would my life be if some of my dreams came true... this mental pictures of my future turn to nostalgia sometimes... so I decided to share this daydreaming "hallucination" of the future, and through doing that, also sharing how I imagined the life of close people to me would turn (for in my future I´m never alone... luckily ;) 
"On April 6th, 2016, 4:14 pm, I was in the train to Narita airport.
I was coming back to Costa Rica after my dream of studying filmmaking in Japan came true,
when suddenly this thought came to my mind..."
Closest things pass fast before my eyes,
yet the distant sky remains still.
Why did my judo master use to smile while
staring at the still sky?
I can´t help staring at what is close to me.. that which passes fast...
...my sister, i couldn´t be with her for her first Holy Communion...
...I would have liked to be with Cata when she won the national judo championship...
...or being there to congratulate Fabrizio on the Grammy...
...Evelyn, I wonder how´s the baby doing...
"Douglas-kun, life with its moments and dreams comes and leaves...
...let it go."
I see.
Staring at they sky the tears wouldn´t fall, right sensei?
"The only thing I can keep is this sky, which remains the same,
still for the rest of my life."
Thanks so much to my friends Alejandro and Catalina, their help was crucial during this project.

 This beautiful song never left me while i was at the creative process of this project... now i love seeing these pics with this background tune... enjoy!
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